White Mirepoix Recipe

454 g 113 g onion 113 g celery or celeriac 113 g parsnip 113 g leek The ratio is equal parts onion, celery, parsnip, and leek.

Standard Mirepoix Recipe

454 g 227 g onion 113 g carrot 113 g celery The ratio is two parts onion to one part celery to one part carrot.

Chicken Stock Recipe

Makes 3.84 L 3.63 kg chicken bones, cut in 3-in/8-cm lengths 4.80 to 5.76 L cold water 454 g medium-dice Standard Mirepoix 1 Standard Sachet d’Epices Rinse the bones under cool running water and place them in an appropriate size stockpot. Add the cold water to cover the bones by about 5 cm- Slowly bring…